Working in the Caribbean…

My dreams were realized.

I was finally in the Caribbean working in the place where I thought I belonged. It was rough at first being there without the family and the government making it even harder to bring them here.

In the British Caribbean, working isn’t a problem as long as you can grease the palm of the local municipalities. They do make it hard to bring your family in, because they can’t charge (tax) you for this right.

Although I was in the governmental offices three times a week, up to three hours a day, I waited and waited. It was extremely long time before my children of 11 and 14 to be accepted into a school system, that was a year behind the local South Florida schools, but evently after four months they were. Too late to finish the school year correctly, so they finished their classes online and went back to South Florida to graduate.

The daily problem was to get them to a computer terminal to do the class work-online. I eventually had to bring them toi a coffee shop downtown, because we lived remotely atop a mountain without many common services like cable, and telephone. So after finding the limited signal bandwidth and then having to pay the shop keeper for the use of electricity, they finally had a place to do school work. On this island electricity is desil generated and very costly. Most on the island can not afford air conditioning their homes.

Just so you know, it s a beautiful place, but the daily challenge in living like people in the U.S. – taking for granted of a strong TV signal, or cell phone signal/connections, cheap electric costs to run air conditioners or just a continuous stream of electricity into the home started to wear on all of us.

It is a beautiful place if you want to relax and watch the colors of blue change every second.

The Island where we lived was mountainous. We lived on top on of the small ones. The airplanes daily flew beneath our home to land at the only airstrip for this country. Living atop the mountain was great, for sightseeing, but not convenience. We call going shopping for grocerys – provisioning. And it is what it sounds like. Going down the mountain, and traveling into town is an adventure.

We were use to walking across the street and having a Winn-Dixie and Publix within 600 yards from our condo in Aventura (Miami). Going to go on this adventure is stressful as well. The mountain roads are not large enough for two full size truck to pass each other without one coming very close to dropping from the side of the mountain’s edge.
Con’t. later…..
Things you take for granted.
Happy ThanksGiving


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