A Caribbean Thanksgiving

No, I am not trying to tell you the American Holidays are the same in the Caribbean but, everyone has a different spirit at this time of the year.

While I am hopeful of a great holiday yet it is different here.

A scene replicated across the Caribbean

People have a different view of holiday’s when it is 82 and sunny everyday of the winter.  Living in the Caribbean is different for all these reasons and more.

Everyone here knows one another. Many on these islands are generational friends. Their mothers and fathers knew each other as well as their father’s father did. They have a common life histories. Islanders have common heritages. As an American you feel somewhat un-attached and singled out as a misfit.

I didn’t think it would be noticed by my family yet my daughter always felt out of place no matter the friendly smiles and kind words from locals. My family and I did the Holidays without a meaningful island connection. Everything seemed a little restricted to local “traditional” gatherings. Again their common heritage was mistaken by us as not fitting in. We couldn’t fit in and never fit in. We didn’t share their common island ancestry or mystique.

So we have a holiday unto ourselves, and many others were to come.

Thanksgiving was a solace type event in home that year. The daughter complain about note having any TV or electricity throughout the day, Mom had a hard time cooking our replica large chicken in place of the 20 pound turkey that usually garnishes our table. The days of huge holiday parties with neighbors, friends and family were behind us about 1800 miles away.  So the day was spent trans-versing the mountain roads to the closest beach to watch the northern winds life the surf to pound the rocky shoreline.

The Thanksgiving holiday made way for local shoppe keepers to decorate for the upcoming Christmas holiday. Although this is a Caribbean island, the people here celebrate just as much as any American city.  We found that even the weather didn’t affect the good feeling all around the island nation. The Caribbean has it’s own unique way to celebrate the holidays. They always incorporate celebrations with food and close family ties. We did as well. It wasn’t the Thanksgiving we were use to, huddling around a fireplace or the TV set watching the NFL  but, the beach setting that we were huddled up on was just as satisfying for our family.


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