Only in the Caribbean

Only in the Caribbean you have to worry about

sharing your parking space with goats.

your neighboors in St. Thomas

I the morning and all throughout the day you hear them. Roosters, everywhere! Chicken, goats and sometimes a cow or two. Everywhere you go, on any island, there are F & %_ kin’ chickens! Everywhere, wild chickens. All the time I spent living there, not hearing a chicken was an unusual day.

It is crazy, you have to be careful when you drive the roads.  One day a SUV was in front of me about 40 years or so. We were coming around a bend and there was a heard of goats walking on the side of the road. I slowed just in time. The goats decide at the exact time the SUV was getting there-to run across the road. It is funny, once one goat does something, all the goats have to follow, even if it means getting wacked by a car.

Well to make a long story short, one unfortunate goat actually got hit by the SUV as it continued along, not being able to stop fast enough. Being behind and watching the whole thing, the goat ducted a little before being hit, as the SUV passes over the goat, as the goat is rolling and bouncing up and down inbetween the road and the undercarriage of the SUV.

To my amazement, the SUV finally dislodges the goat from the rear of the vehicle, and the goat gets up, shakes off the incident like a linebacker shaking off the block from a small wide-receiver, and walks off to join the other goats on the other side of the road.

Through this whole surreal incident, the other goats in the herd are still running across the road, one by one, as they watch their brother get smacked. I guess they are saying better you than me Kid-O !

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