Looking back, looking Foreword….

Looking Back at my time in the Caribbean, I look foreword to the next book to be written.

At this time in my life I look back to my time in the

Caribbean with much fondness.

Looking back, I keep thinking that I have to go back.  Every time I think about returning, there is another reason keeping me here on the mainland.  Nowadays I am actively pursuing my publishing career, that has an event horizon of eighteen months. Seems like a long way away from now but it should go by quick, just like the rest of this year. It is Xmas already and it seems like I just got back to Miami two months ago.

I have been extremely busy beginning both these books in May of this year. My first book is about my experiences in the Caribbean “In the Land of Misfits Pirates and Cooks”. You can see reviews online when you type in the ISBN number: 978-0-615-29778-1 Amazon and Barnes and Nobles websites.  My current project  is about being a chef in South Florida. It is called “Underneath a Cloudless Sky”.

Cover fro Underneath a Cloudles Sky
Cover of Underneath a Cloudless Sky.

Underneath a Cloudless Sky is a book written featuring the use of exotic, tropically-inspired foods and unique stories about what it is like being a chef on the New American Riviera. Soon to be released early next year. Look for it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble next to my first cookbook.

Of course this cookbook will have a recipe collection tied into foods that I learned about while living the last four years in the Caribbean. While my first book has an easily approachable pantry list, this new book is using more food-exotica from the Caribbean. Most of the recipe were developed while I worked here in Miami but, still a feeling of the Caribbean is strewn throughout the entire manuscript.

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