Feeling left out…Underneath a Cloudless Sky

Being left at home when everyone else goes to the Mall, is one thing. But you know you have been left out when your friends are going to the VI and you are still at home.

Flying from Fort Lauderdale to the VI is 2 hours and 40 minutes. I have it down tight. Flying Spirit out of FLL to the VI is just a good magazine away. By the time we taxi out on the runway and we fly out over the Bahamas I am opening the magazine and sinking into my chair to read.

A good food magazine, something like Culinary Trends or FoodArts. Something just to pass the time before the soda and after the in-flight peanuts. The plane jets along at 30,00 feet and I peer out the windows every 20 minutes or so to see the Southern Bahama islands, the Turks and Caicos and finally Hispaniola to the point where I feel the engines start to drop RPM’s and the gradual decline to 15,000 feet and getting into the flight path for the VI.

So you know with the above paragraph, you can tell I have done this a couple times. So you know I feel like I am missing out when my buddies are taking the flight down to the VI without me. They call to let me know they have landed and step by step I talk them through the path they should be taking to enjoy the islands like a native.

So after their first call, getting them out of the airport with out incident, the boys are hungry so I lead them (over the cellphone) to the little cafe that is above the ferry seaport terminal. They have a nice 10 seat terrace on the second floor of the ferry harbour. It is a great place to watch the cruise ships off in the distance and the non-stop seaplanes coming in and then taking off to locales all over the Caribbean. The guys just love the wings and burgers. Local Islanders love chicken wings almost as much as people from northern New York.

So they are telling me over the phone how they see the 3:30 ferry come up to the ferry terminal and ask were it goes to. I tell them it is going to Tortola and then Virgin Gorda (where Morgan Freeman lives). I tell them they can jump the 5:00 ferry that will be coming in to dock around 415Pm They bicker back and forth
and decide to jump off St. Thomas and go to Tortola. Great choice I say. Get off the ferry and take a taxi to one of the four rental car places. They get in the cab and decide a beer is a better choice than getting a car. So it is off to Pusser’s Roadtown Pub, almost right across the street.

Once there I pick them up on the Internet camera that is poised right above the bar looking down onto the floor of the wooden ship galley looking interior. The place is full-as usual. It is always full on Fridays. It is the place where the locals go to get the Pusser chicken wings and pizza. Pusser’s is known all over the world for their rum and rum spiked drinks. In the Caribbean there aren’t martinis and cosmos. It is Rum Punch and “Pain Killers” that everyone will be drinking today.

After a night with the locals they decided to get some beach time in so I told them to go to Apple Bay and the infamous Bomba Shack. This the place where college kids gather to party the night away. Shack-is the optimal word here. There are nothing but raggily tacked together two by fours and plywood. A sand floor only a couple feet away from the water and the reef that creates a nice curl in the surf. On weekends there are always kids on boards looking to catch the tasty wave. In the winter the waves grow as the winds build from the north and blow unto Tortola.

After most of the day surfing and watching the dive bombing pelicans fishing in the surf the guys head off to Sage mountain and watch the sunset. Sage Mountain the highest peak on the island at 1800 feet is the best place to catch the sun setting over the western part of the island looking out towards St. Thomas. The trails to get to the perfect spot is a hike through some of the best rainforest in the Caribbean. Wild out cropings of tropical fruit are seen all the time on the path. Once a while you will even see the old timers harvesting the fruit and running them down the mountain on donkeys.

Darkness falls and the boys load up and make a call to me to find out where to go next. I said “Quitoes” is down the mountain to Cane Garden Bay it is where most of the experienced Caribbean travelers go for some late night live entertainment. Being right next to Callwood’s Distillery you know this is the place where many go for libations. Quito and his band of local musicians tell stories about what it is like to live on the island through their music and of course the properly chosen Bob Marley and Jimmy Buffet tune.

Since the boys had a little too good of a time, Quito his his own stay-house across the street and and great view of the beach in the morning. The crawl home was a big help for the guys since rum comes cheap in the BVI and they were there taking advantage of the circumstance.

Cane Garden Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches on the entire island. It is always filled with sailing visitors. The shallow water is so beautifully blue, you will never forget the color. I still see the bay waters in my dreams. This might be one of the things I envy the most about my friends being there and myself listening to their depictions of the sites via a cellphone.


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