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Fort Lauderdale, Florida, February 2010 – The Bimini Boatyard (BBY) was first usher into the Fort Lauderdale dining scenescape in 1989. A lot has happened in the world since the time of its opening. Remember the fall of the Berlin Wall? The reins of this protracted journey has been recently taken by Chef and cookbook Author-Michael Bennett, once acknowledged by the American Culinary Federation as Chef of the Year. Today, the BBY is best-known for its exciting and innovative new menu, value-based wines, and the best local Happy Hour in Fort Lauderdale. Like BBY’s menu, the wine list selections are globally sourced, chosen for their value price point and a complementary taste that harmonizes with our menu. United with our casual-style of service – that is straight from the heart – referring to a sense of caring and friendliness it is the combination of good food and this almost neighbor-like service has inspired this 20 year landmark.

Based on his culinary experiences from his latest four year escapade in the Caribbean, Chef Bennett has created a menu that he refers to as “Caribb-ican”– read …New World Cuisine revisited. His unique twist on this menu features locally procured tropical ingredients-with a focus on seafood complimented by low-fat and healthy based “Coulis-grette’s “© and sauces.

”Since the original opening of BBY, we have embarked on a new course”, says chef Michael. “The decision was made to create a more tangible and creditable Caribbean slanted menu. Before becoming the executive chef of Bimini Boatyard, for more than three years, I lived and worked on various British, French and American Caribbean islands. Unbound by classic cookery disciplines I have blended modern American foods with “Caribb-ican” cookery techniques I used during this Caribbean journey”, says chef Michael Bennett.

While in the Caribbean, chef Michael learned the term; “Caribb-ican” and it relates to the way Island chefs explained their utilization of exotic Caribbean pantry coupled with traditional American foodstuffs. “These influences have resulted in the neo-classic cookery style once popular in South Florida and, is reflective of New World Cuisine,” says Chef Bennett.

As guests enjoy chef Bennett’s award-winning food, they are treated to the casual elegance of newly remodeled spacious dining rooms, floor to ceiling windows peering out onto the river – in which BBY is perched, three expansive Bar/Lounge areas and an outdoor riverside dining terrace. The remodeled interior design captures the feeling that you are in a family friendly, comfortable, Cape Cod stylized restaurant.

5.0 out of 5 stars Explore an approach to Caribbean tastes in your own kitchen., January 28, 2010
By     Craig Matteson
Michael Bennett provides us a very interesting approach to a Caribbean-American style that will help us enjoy our foods with new tastes, new sauces, and a broadened spice palette. Unless you already cook in a Caribbean style, I think you will find a lot in this book that will be new, exciting, and fresh.

His focus is on the kinds of popular dishes he served as a chef. These dishes are not complex to prepare, but they do use all kinds of sauces. The recipes for the sauces, rubs, marinades, and components of the dishes make up the majority of recipes in the book, then when he provides the recipes for the main dishes you simply include the sauces and components as needed. They make cooking the main dish much more understandable and, well, simple.

Another advantage of having these sauces, rubs, and marindades as separate recipes is that you can, on your own, use them in your own creations. Just using them with your chicken, pork, or seafood will really brighten your day.

The book has some very nice pictures of Caribbean scenes as well as colorful photos of many of the dishes. I always like seeing pictures of what it is the dish I am attempting should look like after I prepare it. Presentation matters.

The author also provides some really nice background on the Caribbean culture, cuisine, and insights into the dishes. The ingredient lists are clear and he helpfully tells you where to get most of the ingredients. His instructions on how to prepare the dishes are also clear and helpful. He also provides boxes with bonus insights into uses for the dish or to help you better understand the ingredients.

If you are interested in exploring Caribbean tastes and smells, this is a fine port of call.

Reviewed by Craig Matteson, Ann Arbor, MI

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February 8th, 2010
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South Florida Chef Whips Up the World’s Foremost “Caribb-ican” Recipe Book.

Chef/Author Michael Bennett cooks up a special Caribbean-style cuisine and NEW COOKBOOK at Fort Lauderdale’s finest wood-grilled Seafood restaurant.

South Florida, February 7th, 2010 /Books PR News/ — When in Florida you can never run out of Seafood restaurant choices. South Florida has a highly diversified food culture where every observed and ranked restaurant boasts of their healthy seafood recipes. Chef Michael Bennett’s current menu represents an elite melange of our South Floridian pelagic-based cultures. Many current South Florida residents come from Caribbean island nations, namely; Jamaica and the Virgin Islands (which are British), Cuba and Puerto Rico (Spanish), Haiti and Martinique (French).

Chef Michael has tapped into these individual-istic cultures that have all lent their own culinary flavor to South Florida’s unique dining landscape. After returning from a four year culinary journey in the Caribbean, chef Michael Bennett utilized these culinary experiences to develop a “Caribb-ican” vibe at his current post as Executive chef.  This post, at the very popular Bimini Boatyard in Fort Lauderdale, has been a launching point for his first and second cookbooks.

After two years working with this exceedingly visible South Florida cookery conception, chef Michael’s Bimini menu apprises diners which Caribbean isle each recipe is dedicated to. People can choose dishes from a French, Spanish or British Caribbean island namesake. An example of this is when chef Michael pairs the familiar Gulf Grouper with an distinctive Santo Dominican twist of mango, plantain and coconut.

When it comes to food, Miami and South Florida live up to its name as the Magic city- food magic! Chef Michael explains, “as chefs we never fail to surprise people from different walks of life with our excesses in our tropical seafood bounty. There have been different forms of Caribb-ican cuisine but, this style is the most easygoing and acceptable for a sweeping spectrum of Americans”, says chef Michael.

His new cookbook, In the Land of Misfits, Pirates and Cooks, is a collection of recipes from his current position at this vital local Caribbean favorite. Author Michael Bennett has compiled his best-tasting recipes from notable Caribbean dining spots where he had employed them. Chef Michael promises a gastronomical burst of cuisine for food lovers and cooking enthusiasts alike; a salute to the Caribbean ’s quintessential definition of food as a celebration of life.

About the Author
Michael Bennett is a well-known award wining (Chef of the Year-1995) South Florida chef and who’s clients are a Who’s Who of Media and Sports personalities. He earned critical culinary kudos as the Executive chef for the 26 year-local culinary force Left Bank restaurant. Under his auspices he brought “Best of” (Zagat Survey), Four Stars (AAA) and Four Diamonds (Mobil) to the long-time three star rating. He is the founder and member of The Professional Image, inc. publisher for the Culinary Arts. He also holds culinary affiliations with several culinary and food-related organizations in the USA and around the world. He regularly lectures on South Florida ‘s “Caribb-ican” cuisine.

A “Caribb-ican” chef’s life is what Michael promotes in both of his books. Chef Michael’s first book “In the Land of Misfits, Pirates and Cooks” and his latest book “Underneath a Cloudless Sky both feature this “Caribb-ican” recipe styling, both  being published by The Professional Image, inc.
*** We have a free PREVIEW of the book at:

Look for Chef Michael on Channel 39 where he will demostrate recipes from his new cookbooks – Thrusday March 24th, 2010- 8:30AM.

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The Professional Image was founded in 1991 and as a “budding” Chef/Author services provider for chefs – and soon to be authors, has helped to publish food-related articles and books on a regional and national basis. The Professional Image is based in South Florida with outposts throughout the Caribbean. TPI provides chef/authors with direct and personal access to quick, quality orientated publication in trade paperback, custom leather-bound, and full-color formats.

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Newest review on my NEW cookbook “Underneath a Cloudless Sky”

Underneath a Cloudless Sky

Not that I’m one to report on the weather here in South Florida but this ‘title’ couldn’t be more of a dichotomy as we go into 48 hours of straight rain.

About a week ago I was given this great new cookbook to read by my friend, Executive Chef Michael Bennett (of Bimini Boatyard) titled (yup you guessed it!) “Underneath a Cloudless Sky”. Chef Bennett just so happens to be the author as well. After writing the review for his first book, In the Land of Misfits, Pirates & Cooks, we became “social networking” confidants so it only stands to reason that I got an advanced copy of his second book. Not all “cooking” is fun but Michael makes it fun as I pointed out in his first book “…..Bennett’s signature style of presentation “food stacking”. Bennett creates towers and rises with his food; Bennett clearly defines “playing with food…..” Well dear readers, he’s at it again but this time Chef Bennett plays with his ingredients. He put items together I didn’t know existed let alone prepare and serve, like Breadfruit, Black Sapote, Guarapo, Azuki Beans and the list goes on!

Chef Bennett likes the exotic, why use oranges when you can use starfruit? Now don’t let items such as Breadfruit and Azuki Beans scare you off, open your door and let them into your kitchen! Experiment! As Michael states in the introduction of his book he contends that “familiarity brings comfort and reassurance, while trying new things. He will bring the unfamiliar exotic food and cooking techniques into focus for you. After reading this book you will be comfortable using food your mother would have never considered cooking.” In the Land of Misfits, Pirates & Cooks, is definitely the precursor to Underneath the Cloudless Sky.

Food can get boring, food preparation can get boring. So with a little patience and effort your dull-drab, same old way of preparing meals can instantly be transformed into exotic and tropical. Whether you’re a fan of sweet and savory or spicy and zesty you’ll find all the ingredients to unlock the boredom of grilled chicken in Chef Bennett’s new cookbook.

So to put a fork in it, I decided to plan a dinner party using recipes only from Underneath the Cloudless Sky. Starting with the appetizer, I decided on Grilled Radicchio Pockets with Crab, absolutely luscious! The flavors literally BURST in your mouth! For the entrée I chose Seabass with a Chimichurri Beurre Blanc. It was amazing! The flavors and the textures all worked beautifully together. The preparation itself was straightforward, nothing complicated or vague about this recipe. I made two side dishes to accompany the entrée, Baby Bliss Potato and Maytag Blue Cheese and Chick Pea Salad, both recipes very easy to prepare, (if you can read you can prepare these recipes!) This had to be one of the best dinners I have served in quite some time. The balance of my meal choices were spot on. The food types worked well together as did the all of the flavors. The wines I chose were Prosecco with the Grilled Radicchio with Crab and for the entrée I served both a California Zinfandel and an Albarino from Spain.

The best part of having a cookbook is to sit with it and plan and dream. Chef Bennett’s books definitely give you something to read and dream about; and with each book he keeps opening your pantry doors and gives them a good shaking. He’s done it again with his excitement for food, the Caribbean-style of food preparation and his sheer love for the islands. Do yourself a favor pick up a copy of this book and sit “under a cloudless sky” and dream a little