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February 8th, 2010
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South Florida Chef Whips Up the World’s Foremost “Caribb-ican” Recipe Book.

Chef/Author Michael Bennett cooks up a special Caribbean-style cuisine and NEW COOKBOOK at Fort Lauderdale’s finest wood-grilled Seafood restaurant.

South Florida, February 7th, 2010 /Books PR News/ — When in Florida you can never run out of Seafood restaurant choices. South Florida has a highly diversified food culture where every observed and ranked restaurant boasts of their healthy seafood recipes. Chef Michael Bennett’s current menu represents an elite melange of our South Floridian pelagic-based cultures. Many current South Florida residents come from Caribbean island nations, namely; Jamaica and the Virgin Islands (which are British), Cuba and Puerto Rico (Spanish), Haiti and Martinique (French).

Chef Michael has tapped into these individual-istic cultures that have all lent their own culinary flavor to South Florida’s unique dining landscape. After returning from a four year culinary journey in the Caribbean, chef Michael Bennett utilized these culinary experiences to develop a “Caribb-ican” vibe at his current post as Executive chef.  This post, at the very popular Bimini Boatyard in Fort Lauderdale, has been a launching point for his first and second cookbooks.

After two years working with this exceedingly visible South Florida cookery conception, chef Michael’s Bimini menu apprises diners which Caribbean isle each recipe is dedicated to. People can choose dishes from a French, Spanish or British Caribbean island namesake. An example of this is when chef Michael pairs the familiar Gulf Grouper with an distinctive Santo Dominican twist of mango, plantain and coconut.

When it comes to food, Miami and South Florida live up to its name as the Magic city- food magic! Chef Michael explains, “as chefs we never fail to surprise people from different walks of life with our excesses in our tropical seafood bounty. There have been different forms of Caribb-ican cuisine but, this style is the most easygoing and acceptable for a sweeping spectrum of Americans”, says chef Michael.

His new cookbook, In the Land of Misfits, Pirates and Cooks, is a collection of recipes from his current position at this vital local Caribbean favorite. Author Michael Bennett has compiled his best-tasting recipes from notable Caribbean dining spots where he had employed them. Chef Michael promises a gastronomical burst of cuisine for food lovers and cooking enthusiasts alike; a salute to the Caribbean ’s quintessential definition of food as a celebration of life.

About the Author
Michael Bennett is a well-known award wining (Chef of the Year-1995) South Florida chef and who’s clients are a Who’s Who of Media and Sports personalities. He earned critical culinary kudos as the Executive chef for the 26 year-local culinary force Left Bank restaurant. Under his auspices he brought “Best of” (Zagat Survey), Four Stars (AAA) and Four Diamonds (Mobil) to the long-time three star rating. He is the founder and member of The Professional Image, inc. publisher for the Culinary Arts. He also holds culinary affiliations with several culinary and food-related organizations in the USA and around the world. He regularly lectures on South Florida ‘s “Caribb-ican” cuisine.

A “Caribb-ican” chef’s life is what Michael promotes in both of his books. Chef Michael’s first book “In the Land of Misfits, Pirates and Cooks” and his latest book “Underneath a Cloudless Sky both feature this “Caribb-ican” recipe styling, both  being published by The Professional Image, inc.
*** We have a free PREVIEW of the book at:

Look for Chef Michael on Channel 39 where he will demostrate recipes from his new cookbooks – Thrusday March 24th, 2010- 8:30AM.

About The Professional Image, inc.

The Professional Image was founded in 1991 and as a “budding” Chef/Author services provider for chefs – and soon to be authors, has helped to publish food-related articles and books on a regional and national basis. The Professional Image is based in South Florida with outposts throughout the Caribbean. TPI provides chef/authors with direct and personal access to quick, quality orientated publication in trade paperback, custom leather-bound, and full-color formats.

For more information, please visit, or
E-mail: or call at 1-305-851-3441, to receive a free publishing estimate.

The Professional Image only publishes Cookbooks.


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