A beautiful day to learn something new.

Teaching how to cook Salmon

On Sunday the 28th of March a special event happens in South Florida.

The Deering Bay Seafood festival entertains thousands. Myself and a few other notable chefs go on stage to educate and entertain the crowds with tidbits of culinary wisdom.

I was the first of four South Florida’s noted chefs and demo’ed a Antillean spiced, Guava glazed Salmon.

The recipe follows:

This dish is combination of recipes from “In the Land of Misfits, Pirates and Cooks” by chef/author Michael Bennett.

Serves: 6

This recipe can be made in stages.

Make the Antillean spices and then cover fillets of salmon and set aside to let absorb the flavors. Apply the spice again to the fish fillets before searing on top the grills of a wood-fire grill. Save the rest for other recipes and garnishing the plate.

Then, make the sauce reduce, and glaze the salmon to let the flavors meld into the fillets. As the sauce is reducing make the rice and the avocado salad. Glaze the salmon with the reduced sauce after searing and then bake in a 350-DEGREE oven for 11 per inch of thickness.

After the filets come out of the oven, glaze again with the sauce before placing on the plate. Plate the rice on the plate using a stainless steel pyramid mold. The again using a round stainless steel mold, fill it the with avocado salad and lift the mold upward to leave a stack of the salad. Place the rice about 10:00 on the plate, the Avocado tower about 2:00 on the plate and set the cooked fillet of salmon at 6:00 on the plate. Garnish with the frisee and micro-greens. Drizzle the white spaces on the plate with a little extra sauce.


5 LBS. Salmon side, enough for six,

7 oz. portions Antillean Spice:

5 tbs. Pink peppercorns

3 tbs. Green peppercorns

4 tbs. Sea salt

2 tbs. Poultry spice

4 tbs. Mrs. Dash seasoning blend

4 tbs. Paprika

1 tbs. each Mustard, Cayenne Pepper, Curry Powder

1 tbs. Mace

4 tbs. Granulated Garlic

2 tbs. Ginger powder

INSTRUCTIONS FOR ANTILLEAN SPICE: Grind all the whole spices with the sea salt in a coffee grinder. Then add to food processor to mix with the other ingredients. Use to dust the salmon fillets before cooking. Sear the spices into the fillets by cooking quickly in a sauté pan.

Spicy Guava BBQ SAUCE:


1 can Guava puree (10 oz.)

3/4 cup Key lime juice

1 pint Chablis white wine

3 oz. Rum, dark

2 tbs. Garlic kernels, roasted, smashed fine

1/4 teas. Star anise, ground

1/3 cup B.B.Q. sauce-like “open pit”

1 teas. Scotch Bonnet, fine chopped

1 pint Chicken stock, half-reduced

1 oz. Sriracha sauce, found in Asian markets

1/2 each Vanilla bean, split

Instructions: In a stainless steel pot, cook the first three ingredients and reduce to a pulpy slurry over high heat. Stir constantly to avoid burning. Add the rest of the ingredients and cook over a medium high heat to reduce to a glaze, maybe 15 minutes longer. After all the sauce is flavored, strain to remove the garlic, chilies and vanilla bean. Cool and refrigerate.



1 cup Arugula, cleaned and dry

2 each Avocado, cut up

½ cup Citrus sections, fresh cut sections

½ cup Tomato, concasse (chopped no skin or seeds)

4 oz. Yogurt cheese, (Lebanese)
1 teas. Pink peppercorns

2 tbs. Cilantro, chopped

½ teas. Sea salt


4 cups Basmati – mango rice

Directions for veggies and starch:

Cook the rice following normal cooking for basmati rice. (Using 1.25 times amount of water as rice and then season). Add 1 mango (diced) to the rice after it comes out of the cooker. Lean the cooked salmon fillet against the rice. Glaze with sauce and let drain down onto the plate.

Next; Mix the cheese with flavorings and spices then add the avocado, tomato and citrus with the arrugula last – in a bowl. Mix all to make into a thickened melange. Place this mixture into a ring mold and place onto the plate. Press down on the mixture while moving the mold up. Garnish the unmolded veggies with baby frisse and micro greens. Garnish the rim of plate with a dusting of the Antillean Caribbean spice.