Radio interview on the cookbook In the Land of Misfits, Pirates and Cooks

Author Chef Michael Bennett at Barnes and Nobles
Chef Michael Bennett

#27 Chef Michael Bennett Talks Caribb-ican

May 5th, 2010 by thedeliciousstory

Enjoy a bit of time in the Caribbean . . . vicariously. That’s the guarantee for this interview with cookbook author and award-winning Chef Michael Bennett. He’s an extremely enthusiastic and articulate culinary expert on the foods and finds of the islands, and will send you into foodie euphoria with his descriptions of the many good things to eat that can be found there and are featured in his cookbooks. We had last-minute camcord glitches with seeing him in video but did get to take a tour of his Food Brats website where samples of the recipes and photos from his two cookbooks can be found so you can take a look before placing an order for one or both of these beautiful cookbooks. During the show, we could feel the energy of the restaurant crowd at Bimini Boatyard in Miami South Florida where Chef Bennett dazzles the guests with his creative style. Come sail away for a bit with us to hear this dynamic chef and his conversation of Caribb-ican cuisine.

If you’d like to see us in all our interview finery you can check out the video version of this show here on blip TV. We’re getting better with our use of video tools and tech so hang in there with us and look for more visually interesting things in the future.

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