How much Seafood passed through the doors at Bimini Boatyard during the 2011 International Boatshow

is one of the closest restaurants to The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show and every year the staff prepares for an onslaught of boaters, salespeople, and daytrippers with an appetite for seafood.

Tropical storm-like rains and flash flood warnings ran amok during the weekend, but didn’t deter tens of thousands of people from braving the elements to peek at what millions of dollars of seaworthy vessels look like. While most couldn’t afford a 248 foot motor yacht (price? if you have to ask, you can’t afford it), they could afford a nice seafood dinner. And Bimini Boat Yard was prepared.

Chef Bennett shared his seafood order for boat show weekend – an incredible one and a half tons of calamari, salmon, grouper, and all other creatures that crawled, swam and just existed under the sea.

In fact, the restaurant broke their own record, when they sold one ton of seafood last year. Here’s the largest order of seafood we’ve ever encountered. Please pass the butter and lemon.
Bimini Boatyard’s Boat Show Seafood Inventory (Courtesy of Chef Michael Bennett)

Oysters: 1000 pounds
Filleted Mahi Mahi: 372 pounds
Medium, Large and Jumbo – Stone Crab Claws: 356 pounds
Filleted Black Grouper: 167 pounds
Filleted Salmon: 95 pounds
Filleted Yellowtail Snapper: 124 pounds
U-5 Scallops: 112 pounds
Lobster tails: 40 pounds
Loins of Swordfish: 47 pounds
Fillets of Cobia: 44 pounds
Filleted Corvina: 103 pounds
Loins of Wahoo: 25 pounds
Calamari: 175 pounds
Snow Crab Leg clusters: 75 pounds
Shrimp; small, medium and large: 176 pounds

Total: 2,736 pounds (over one and a half tons of seafood)


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