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In the times when you never seem to be able to get the word out about you and your food, the FOODBRAT comes through… here is an article that Chef Michael Bennett (the FoodBrat) wrote about Chef Scott Andres. Article:

Hometown Celebs:

Part one of three

Ex – PublixGreenWise Chef –

Scott Andres is Florida‘s Food Liaison.

      When you go about your daily responsibilities, shopping for dinner is something everyone does eventually. Chef Scott Andres has awakened all of us in the Southern United States with his culinary propensities.

Chef Scott’s Culinary Soul.

If you lived in Florida any time between the years 2006 to the present, Chef Scott Andre’s ideas about food and his ideals about cooking have cultivated a relationship with you through tonight’s family dinner.

The chef defines his approach and translations of his…

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