Chef Michael Bennett’s first Two Natural Cooking eBooks mingle into a single All-Natural cooking paperback.

Chef Michael Bennett creates All-Natural SURF CUISINE from his previously released Amazon Ebooks on All-Natural cooking.

Miami, Fl. – December, 2013 ~ Chef Michael Bennett has pursued a healthier lifestyle after he turned 40 and these books echo recipes that have helped him achieve his goals.

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                There are so many All-Natural and Gluten Free cookbooks that get released every year, adding to the already formidable collections in bookstores, it can be hard to figure out which ones are worthwhile. After you read the subtitle; “a Study in Natural Seafood Cookery” and, leap through the pages of All-Natural SURF CUISINE you will see this one is just what your healthy dining regime needs.

                All-Natural SURF CUISINE will be release January 2014 and features 100 plus recipes that are as vigorously innovative in the use of fresh seafood as they are ceaseless examples of a beneficial diet strategy.


                From the time when chef Michael Bennett directed South Beach’s Epicure Gourmet Market’s healthy Spa-Cuisine menu expansion (circa, 1989-95), he has always wanted to revisit the console of utilization only the best locally-harvested ingredients to procreate a superlative All Natural, Seafood-based Cookbook. In the past two years Chef Michael Bennett has been concentrating on developing and extending his solidarity of an “All-Natural” and “Gluten Free” cuisine with his culinary consultancies.

                This was all initiated because of a family history where Chef Michael Bennett’s father suffered from massive heart problems. Thirty years ago his Family decided to get away from beef-related dinner table but, the recipe choices in the 1970’s were limited to chicken, turkey or frozen seafood from the northern USA. Air transportation wasn’t as advanced as today so the only seafood that ever made it to the dinner table was what they caught themselves.  This is how Chef Michael fostered his love and matured his knowledgeable of locally-caught Florida and Caribbean seafood.


 Chef Substantive:

                Michael Bennett is a well-known award winning (Chef of the Year-1995) South Florida chef whose customers have been the Who’s Who of Media and Sports personalities. He earned critical culinary kudos as the Executive chef for the 26 year-local culinary force Left Bank restaurant. Under his auspices he brought “Best of” (Zagat Survey), Four Stars (AAA) and Four Diamonds (Mobil) to the long-standing three star rating. He also holds culinary affiliations with several culinary and food-related organizations. He regularly lectures on Gluten Free and Natural “Caribb-ican” cuisine.

Many in the Foodservice industry have this lifestyle inclination. It is simply in one’s blood.

  • Author and Restaurateur, Michael Bennett has opened and operated several successful restaurants in both the United States and the Caribbean all-the-while continually writing and publishing cookbooks.
  • Some cookbook reviewers have thought that Chef Michael Bennett’s innovative ideals have helped revolutionize and shape the public’s reflections on, and about chefs. He has encouraged Miami Foodies to use Social Media and our locally available South Florida tropical foods to promote what our Caribbean neighbors have to offer the hesitant home cook. “That is his gig, a monster of culinary facts”, says people know him.


Michael’s Author’s avail

            Like his first cookbook, “In the Land of Misfits, Pirates and Cooks” a GLUTEN-FREE cookery guide  and, his fourth and fifth cookbooks “Natural Recipes that will Change your Life, Vol. 1 and 2“,  All-Natural SURF CUISINE also features 100 plus recipes, more than 30 Full-color recipe pictures and an intriguing re-account on how he pursues his goal of cooking healthier.

                Chef and Author Michael Bennett, an acclaimed South Florida chef has made a name for himself by mixing culinary traditions from diverse parts of the World.

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