Food Network’s South Beach Food and Wine Festival

The Food Network’s South Beach Food and Wine Festival features local chef and author Michael Bennett


Chef Michael Bennett
Chef Michael Bennett ready to do some cooking at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival

Laurenzo’s Italian Market | Cafe | Wine Shop

Michael Bennett, born in Fort Lauderdale to first generation Floridians, had spent most of his childhood trekking to Laurenzo’s with his Grandparents for Saturday afternoons filled with pampering.

Michael began working for his Fort Lauderdale restaurateur family where he absorbed his family’s work ethic and respect for Italian foods. Michael’s grandfather the first in the family’s restaurateurs propelled Chef Michael’s professional cooking while he attended college. He ultimately transferred to The Culinary Institute of America to pursue his true passion and then again found himself in South Florida grinding out 10 years of O.J.T. under the tutelage from Miami’s most well-known and high-powered chefs. On each of these journeys Chef Michael was fortunate enough to have Laurenzo’s Gourmet Market with their distinguished Italian wines, gourmet pastas and cheeses to rely upon.

In his current position with Laurenzo’s, Chef Michael loves the daily commune with inquisitive want-to-be chefs and multi-generational Laurenzo’s shoppers, guiding their probing foodie requests with timeless gastronomic retorts and eager well being advice.



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