Image and the Professional Image is the Publisher for the Culinary World.

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OUR Staff
The most important element in determining the quality of you NEW book is based on the readability of the words. Even the most experienced and talented of chefs have a problem describing -in words- the necessary “picture” that is easy to visualize while your fan reads. Creating a picture with words is what we do. Trends to specialize in just black and white words is out. We visualize thoughts and highlight them with colorful phases. OUR superior ability to that for you is why The Professional Image is in business.

Rebba – Visual concept Specialist
Our dreamer. Rebekah’s proficiency is at shaping your words into a visual picture of words.

Jessica – Visual production Specialist
Jessey is sincere and earnest affection for the production of the written word has garnered her acclaim from various publications. Her communicated verbage makes you transport your thoughts through the written pages right to the readers prep table. She brings out the very best features of your ideas to and sets them for a enthusiastic clientele.

Michael – Recipe Specialist
For over 15 years, he has established and maintained a practice centered on the Culinary Profession.

This is an essential service that points the chef/author on the right direction. Each Basic service includes:

  • Formatting your words and thoughts into book form
  • Spot testing recipes
  • Seek the best “elevator” speech to describe book for promoting the book
  • Steer you towards the best marketing forms
  • Describe a cookbook proposal and why we offer the program as it relates to marketing the new book

Your book will be well on its way to completion with little hassles from lack of time or knowledge of how to proceed in this

Be assured that you can publish your book with The Professional Image.

Being that we only deal with only Culinary Professionals, we know what you need. Someone to help you organize your thoughts and keep your words YOURS. We are not here to tell you how to write your book, we organize, produce, and publish it.

Be assured that this will be a comfortable process. We are proud that we specialize in only producing cookbooks.

Think * Write * Be Happy

  • Get you recipes and text written.
  • Think about what makes your style of cookery different from the rest.
  • Write some notes about your own personal experiences in the culinary realm that would fit into the theme of the book.
  • Modify your book theme towards the recipes chosen to print.
  • Choose the most import things you want to tell your readers. Interaction of words go hand and hand with the recipes.
  • Get some of the plates photographed by a Pro.

Publishing Requirements
The community of chefs deserving of their own cookbook is as vast as it is varied.

  • We require your dedication to finish a project once it is started.
  • We require constant communication between you and the writers to keep the project on course according to your direction.
  • We require your best so, we can do our best for you.

Are determined on page counts, organization need and production of print.

We work with the largest printer of cookbooks in the nation. So you can be assured that prices will be the lowest.

For publishing estimates; email us at:

The Professional Image is here for YOU!

You can contact The Professional Image at:

Internationally: 305-851-3441


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