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“Crafting a Cuisine”
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Innovation that comes with time and experimentation.
In America, modern Cuisine, is constantly changing.

Innovation Is the life blood of many successful restaurants. As you commence innovation, you have to craft an ideal. This ideal is a thought process. Cuisine is first thought, subsequently finesse and then production. Cuisine is thought of as a temporary art. So a chef has to be constantly creating. This book follows three generations of chefs that have crafted a Cuisine.

Cuisine, in modern days is a thought process of coexistence. Crafting a cuisine is first setting boundaries to what were your culinary limits. But on the New American Riviera there are no culinary transversal boundaries. This is a land of culinary experimentation, where anything goes-and usually does.

It has no start or end. It is a continuous flow of thought and brain toil. The thought comes to a chef, in mostly a daily re-accruing pattern. This art form, unlike the others – like music and painting – is one that is of oral and visual training that has been handed down through the generations and just reading descriptions are not powerful enough for consummate discipline. Repetition, repetition, repetition is the only way to teach cookery to staff and others.

Creation while day-dreaming is popular with the New American Riviera’s chefs. In South Florida, it is a little different. Being different is an every hour goal. While shopping, looking over the food choices, minds wonder as the combinations of their taste whirl around on an internal taste canvas. While dreaming about the combination’s, you need to create cookery sequences that respect the vibe of the past, while blasting through the stale misused food alliances. Tell a story of where we cook on this earth. It is always locally harvested foods that respects the cookery preferences of the local clientele as it creates and sets an imagery of the place in which we live and work. This is the hallmark of the cuisine that has been created on the New American Riviera.

Like a musician, we use the major cords of French Classical Cuisine to base culinary techniques while formulating a new cookery standard – in a techno-house (music) vogue. You should taste a dish in our mind before writing a road map to a dish. This is where understanding taste-relationships can’t just be handed down from mom. Trial and error helps balance the totality of concept. The conception must be balanced – just like a symphony of musical notes.

Artists must heal as well produce everyday. Healing is a duty alike to your children – to guide a recipe creation to exact correctness. Repetition brings with it a sense of creating a process of exactitude and velocity. The language of the recipe is one that has to be guided and refined. Healing the recipe from trial by fire (excuse the pun) is an orderly womb-to-tomb unconscious process.